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Size : · Outdoor Unit 47.5mm
· Indoor Unit 109mm X 96mm X 16.5mm
Product Features
The Ozone Electronic Eye is secure way of Knowing who is outside your without opening it.The Door Eye’s LCD display allows a panoramic view of your house exteriors on the click of a button.It’s 3 times zoom function enables a life-like video image of the visitor as soon as your doorbell rings.Its features also include integrated doorbell,automatic power saving & power alerts.

·         Security device with integrated door bell.
·         Can be installed in place of traditiona,easy installation-no external wiring required.
·         Automatic power saving,low battery alters.
·         Large LCD Screen with brightness enhancement fuction.

·         300K Pixel CMOS Camera.
·         3 Times Zoom Function.
·         2.8 Inch Color Screen
Delivery Period : 2-3 Business Days in Delhi/NCR and in remaining locations 6-7 Business Days.