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Weight : 8.64KgColor :  Blue/Grey
Size : Inches (W) 13.7 X (H) 9.7 X (D) 9.7
Product Features
- No Keys No Fuss : Self programmed code by the user for operation eliminating the risk of loss, duplication and misuse.
- Auto Secure Mode: Three wrong code inputs consecutively puts the safes in a secure mode resulting in, inactive keypad for 3 minutes.
- Low Energy Consumption: 4x AA/1.5V pencil cell on an average last for one year approx. 3 operation per day.
- Low Battery Indicator : This special feature provides an audio-visual alarm to the user to replace the batteries well in time.
Delivery Period : 2-3 Business Days in Delhi/NCR and in remaining locations 6-7 Business Days.