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Home SafesClick on the image to view products.
Ozone Home safes provides invaluable protection for your most valuable things and available with affordable price tags. It’s the ideal safe for homes & small offices to keep cash, jewellery and other valuables. These Safes are an unobtrusive, space conscious, and undoubtedly a rock solid security safe solution for your everyday PERSONAL needs. Strong & economical - true value for money.

• No Keys No Fuss: Self programmed code by the user for operation eliminating the risk of loss, duplication and misuse.
• Auto Secure Mode: Three wrong code inputs consecutively puts the safes in a secure mode resulting, inactive keypad for 3 minutes.
• Low Energy Consumption: 4x AA/1.5V pencil cell on an average last for one year approx. 3 operation per day.
• Low Battery Indicator: This special feature provides an audio-visual alarm to the user to replace the batteries well in time.
• Great Security: Offers great security against break-in attempt.
• Strong Construction: Heavy duty steel body with improved reliability for additional protection.
Hotel SafesClick on the image to view products.
Ozone Hotel series safe is the ideal electronic safe solution for hoteliers who want to ensure safety of their guest’s important documents & valuables. Our hotel safes are digitally operated and robustly constructed for with standing any kind of tempering. Specifically designed, these safes are the perfect match for security offered by hotels. Our hotel safes have audit trailing function which helps to check the last many opening records, date, time, user code or master code.

• Opened by 3-6 digit user code.
• Safe with Audit Trail features are available on request.
• Emergency Opening by Master Code or Mechanical Override Key.
• LED Display with backlight for easy Operation even in the dark.
• Three wrong code inputs consecutively puts the safe in a secure mode resulting in, inactive keypad for 5 minutes.
• Can be Anchored or Bolted in Wardrobe.
• Superior design flexibility for placing it in cupboard or anywhere in the room for guest easy accessibility.
• Minimal space to match hotel with limited room space.
• Choice of four sizes.
• Good for personal use and for star hotels committed to give their guests the best amenities.
Office & BanksClick on the image to view products.
Technologically advanced, the Touch Panel Safe (Generally made for office and bank Safes) is safety at your fingertips functions with easy touch operations giving you total security at a touch. Equipped with features like “record of the last 14 opening & closing“ makes this innovative safe more as a security gadget for effortless safe solutions. It is perfect for Banks, Private Safe Deposit Vaults, Financial Institutions, Offices, Factories and Warehouses, Petrochemical Industries, Brokers, Jewellers, Hotels and Hospitals.


• Low energy consumption backlit touch screen with Date and Time display.
• 2 opening codes of 4 to 8 personal numbers can be programmed.
• Electronic Opening and security lock.
• Control of last 14 opening and closing entries.
• Three wrong code inpts consecutively puts the safes in a secure mode resulting inactive keypad for 5 minutes.
• Soft-touch panel.
• Self-programmable combination.
• Available in various sizes & options.
Jewellery/ RetailClick on the image to view products.
Ozone offers one of the most sophisticated electronic safes of its kind bringing absolute value without compromising on style & design. It also supports a low battery indicator. Its unique spray coating technique ensures that it stays rust free for years. In case of four consecutive wrong inputs, the keypad becomes inactive for 5 minutes

• Emergency opening by Master code or Mechanical over ride key.
• Low Battery Indicator.
• Door opened automatically by micro-motor with pre-set codes.
• Three wrong code inputs consecutively puts the safes in a secure mode resulting in, inactive keypad for 5 minutes.
• High security Chipset.
• Plush electronic key lock ensures easy maintenance.
• LCD display with blue backlight for easy operation even in the dark.
• Motorized locks automatically opens the safe with the correct password.
• These are the user-friendly Safes and could be permanently fixed in your Cupboards and Work Tables.
Credit Card SafesClick on the image to view products.
Ozone Credit Card range of safes are just perfect fit. No keys, no number to remember, Just a swipe of your personal smart card be it credit or debit operates this safe. This safe is secured with your personal card data and will open with your data card only. Simply close the door, slide your card, and this credit card safe is locked. The only way to open, is to use the same credit card.

• Highly reliable digital operation system.
• Hi-tech card reader system to enable operation with universal credit and debit cards.
• Dual opening accessible system both by cards and codes.
• Audit trail function using electronic control unit.
• Single time molded case with unique spray coating ensuring rust free for 12 years.
• Specially designed space for laptops.
• Lab test for fire resistant in furnace at temp. of 925° for half an hour for FRPC only.
• Four wrong code inputs consecutively puts the safe in a secure mode resulting in, inactive keypad for 15 minutes.
• Keyless security - Opening system by both digital code and smart card.
• Press and shine feature with LED display- helps you to see the combination even in the dark.
• Choice of four sizes.
• User defined master code and concealed lock for emergency use.
• Good for personal use and for star hotels committed to give their guests the best safty of valuables.:
Miscellaneous ProductClick on the image to view products.
  • Made of  Satin Finished Stainless Steel Material
  • Can be used as Key & Document Organizer with Memo Board
  • Specially Designed for Lodging Mobile & Stationary

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